Chero Piping S.p.a.



Oil & Gas

Our upstream market concentrates on the products used during the exploration, completion and production of oil, gas and natural gas liquids. Chero Piping provides pipe, valves and fittings and other oilfield supplies to the production crews, so the oil or gas can be safely moved into gathering systems and pipelines for processing.


Chero Piping has extended his network of support locations in key regions to ensure that customers in this growing sector have access to his products and services as fast as possible.


To work for the refining industry, we can provide products in high pressure, severe temperature and/or corrosive environments. Specialty products and services such as corrosive resistant piping systems, valves automation, are available in our manufacturing plant.

Chemical / Petrochemical

Chero Piping can provide a complete range of pipe, valves and fitting in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys to provide solutions for high pressure, temperature and corrosive environments. In addition to our standard products, the Chero Piping manufacturing includes specialty products that provide technical solutions for severe or critical service applications occurring to the chemical industry.